AI and HR: Where intelligence intersects.

For all its technical promise, AI will always need an emotionally intelligent human to power it. That’s why HR is perfectly positioned to use AI to transform the 21st century workplace.


How can business leaders successfully navigate AI’s disruptive and transformative effect on how—and why—we work?

Mineral CEO Nathan Christensen and Zack Kass, former OpenAI executive and Mineral AI advisor say HR can, and should, lead from the front.

Stream their full one-hour session from the 2023 HR Technology Conference, available now on-demand.

Hear from an organizational change expert and a technology expert as they shed light on:

  • What the numbers say about how HR leaders feel about the benefits of AI and their willingness to adopt it.
  • How to gain stakeholder buy-in framing GenAI as an inflection point for organizational transformation and innovation.
  • How to empower your workforce to experience and grow with AI.
  • The importance – and necessity – of humanity in any organization-wide AI initiative.

AI and HR: Accelerating Your Learning Curve

March 13, 2024


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Watch Mineral CEO Nathan Christensen and AI advisor Zack Kass as they describe a transformed workplace and a world where the full capability and potential of AI is realized.


Resources to structure productive brainstorming, drive stakeholder engagement, and spark thoughtful discussion to begin your organization’s AI transformation journey.

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