Managing employee benefits compliance is easier with Mineral®.

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Providing employees with a benefits package is just the first step.

When you offer employee benefits such as medical, disability, dental, retirement, or other benefits — it means new laws and regulations now affect your business. Your employees also want to stay informed on benefits updates to make timely decisions. 

Mineral helps you stay compliant while building employee trust.

Good business practices help you create a positive work environment, and that’s especially true for anything related to employee benefits. Plus, as an employer, you know how challenging it is to stay on top of federal and state benefits laws and regulations. That’s where Mineral can help.

Mineral provides benefits compliance guidance on topics such as:

Group health plans
(medical, dental, vision)

Life, accident, and disability insurance

Wellness and lifestyle programs

Section 125 cafeteria plans

Tax favored accounts
(HRA, HSA, FSA, etc.)

Affordable Care Act

Benefits notice, reporting, and disclosure requirements

State benefit employment mandates
(disability, 401k, etc.)

Employee Retirement Income Security Act

Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act

The Mineral PlatformTM can help you manage health, welfare and retirement benefits compliance with online access to resources.

You can view online resources, tools, insights, and actions at your convenience — personalized to your business profile — so you can stay on top of federal and state employee benefits compliance.

Tools and resources in the Mineral PlatformTM include:

  • Live Mineral Expert advice
  • Benefits Document Creator
    (Wrap, POP, SDP, HRA, ICHRA)
  • Affordable Care Act calculators
  • Educational videos
  • Law Library
  • Benefits notices for employees
  • Charts, guides, and checklists

Count on Mineral ExpertsTM for both HR and employee benefits compliance

When you need fast and reliable health, welfare, and retirement benefits guidance, turn to Mineral ExpertsTM. Our HR and compliance team also includes experts certified in benefits compliance, who stay up to date on the latest benefits laws and regulations so you don’t have to. With an average of 18+ years of experience, Mineral ExpertsTM can answer your questions or give you guidance — all using simple language you can actually understand.

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