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Your clients are too busy to research HR and compliance regulations.

That’s where we come in.

Mineral takes the guesswork out of HR and compliance, so clients manage workplace challenges with confidence. Powered by an innovative mix of data, technology, and human expertise, Mineral ensures your clients won’t be caught off guard when laws and regulations change.


Mineral Platform™ seamlessly integrates with your software solution keeping your brand front and center while providing access to anytime HR tools and resources.

Mineral Experts™ are certified HR advisors available to answer questions about recruitment, termination, and everything in between.

Mineral Intelligence™ provides proactive alerts based on your clients’ company profiles for changing laws giving clients peace of mind.

Have questions about what your go-to-market strategy could like?

  • Bundle it: Integrate Mineral HR and compliance solutions into the packages offered to your clients.
  • Get it stand-alone: Looking to fill a specific HR need for your clients? Offer Mineral as a complementary solution to your clients.

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