You’ve got HR and compliance questions.
Mineral has answers.

You’re too busy running your business to research every HR and compliance rule and regulation. So don’t. 

To keep your business ready and resilient, Mineral offers the most up-to-date information on HR and compliance legislation in the country, as well as the tools you need to take action. And to help you make sense of it all, you’ll also have ready access to our experienced team of HR and legal experts. No more worrying about what you need to do or when you need to do it—we’ve got you covered, all in one convenient place.  

Remember ThinkHR and Mammoth HR? That’s us.

In the past, you may have done business with us as ThinkHR or Mammoth

These days, we’re known as Mineral. While our name has changed, our commitment to you hasn’t.

You can still count on us for the same great HR and compliance expertise you need to lead with confidence and stay compliant with workplace regulations. 

HR and compliance support for your business.

  • Live experts
  • Employee handbook builder
  • HR compliance library

  • Learning Management System
  • Benefits document creator
  • Safety & harassment Prevention
  • Anonymous reporting 
  • Job description builder 
  • Customizable documents

Coming August 2021: the first-ever intelligent HR and compliance platform. 

Mark your calendars and get fired up—because this summer, we’re bringing together the best of ThinkHR and Mammoth into a single platform that’s powered by technology, data, and human expertise.

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