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Stay competitive with a skilled workforce.

Access rich and diverse employee training programs to upskill or reskill your employees.

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Mineral Platform Employee Training Overview


Future-proof your business; train your employees today.

Setting your employees up for success in today’s complex and fast-paced work environment while building a strong and nimble business is a big challenge for a small company. Mineral makes it easy and affordable.

Access our rich and diverse employee training programs to upskill or reskill your employees to meet current business needs and future demands. Not only will you set them up for success in a complex and ever-changing work environment, you’ll also build a strong and adaptable business at the same time.

Upskill and reskill your employees. 

Recruiting drains time, energy, and money—and we know small businesses have none to spare. Why not save all three by helping your current employees take on more responsibilities or even completely new roles? Upskilling and reskilling employees helps your company grow from within—stronger and faster. 

Mineral employee training upskill and reskill employees

Improve recruitment and retention.

Employees join—and stay—at companies where they can see a clear path for growth. Employee development is a cost-effective way to show current and future employees they have a bright career, giving an easy boost to recruitment and retention. Investing in your employees’ growth shows you’re invested in their success. Who doesn’t love feeling supported in their career journey? 

We’ve trained millions of employees. Make yours next. 

In the past five years, we’ve helped our clients deliver 4.7 million training courses to their employees, including 1 million workplace safety courses, 1.7 million anti-harassment courses, and 2 million foundational workplace courses. 

All of this is possible through Learn, Mineral’s Learning Management System (LMS). Learn makes it easy to assign, track and manage employee training courses, all from the convenience of the Mineral Platform. 

Employee training via Learn helps our clients tackle employee onboarding, compliance training, professional development, workplace challenges and much more.

Infographic - Mineral helped clients deliver 4.7M training courses to their employees

Lean into the learning curve with new courses.

Think you can’t compete with larger companies when it comes to employee development? Think again. Mineral is launching six new Learn training packages, all tied to timely and relevant topics for the 1 million small business clients we serve. These packages will cover courses in:

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Build skills and knowledge for a more diverse and inclusive workplace by training employees. 

Health & Wellness

Healthier employees tend to have less absenteeism, be more productive and have fewer medical expenses, which can lead to cost savings.

Microsoft® Computer Skills

Ensure your employees are skilled in using the most popular enterprise software suite in the world for their daily tasks and productivity. 


Training employees provides the first line of defense to identify and respond to security threats and cyber-attacks.

Leadership & Management

Employees who can effectively lead their teams effectively produce improved performance for the entire business.


Help employees develop the necessary skills to communicate and collaborate clearly and effectively with colleagues, customers, and stakeholders.

Read more about the strategic expansion of Mineral’s employee training courses for Learn in 2023 and beyond.
Check out our popular Workplace Harassment and Workplace Safety Training courses, too.

Powered by partnerships. More than 1 million businesses get help with their HR and compliance needs thanks to our extensive network of partners.

Our clients love how simple we make employee training.

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Shannon Kirkman

Director of Human Resources, ProSciento

“With Learn, we’ve been able to stay in compliance, and offer additional learning opportunities for employees. Having professional development content that is readily available has been essential for us.”

Read the ProSciento case study

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Julie Weaver

Controller, Rayco Electric, Inc.

“Mineral gives me confidence and a single place for all information, including a large selection of training classes for different employees within the company.”

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Shane Andersen

HR Director, PIN Business Network

“My employees are better trained and our overall legal exposure has significantly decreased because of Mineral.”

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Jeanene Kallio

HR Director, ICE Cobotics

“We’ve used Mineral for required harassment training and received positive feedback from employees on the ease of use of the training courses.”

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Elizabeth Martinez

Benefits Administrator, Cambridge Healthcare Services, LLC

“I love the training modules in Mineral; they are beneficial for new hires and employees that require some touch-up on their skills.”

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Cindy Henderson

HR Director, Blue-White Industries, Ltd.

“Mineral is easy to use and has reduced our need for other HR and compliance resources. With Learn, we’re able to receive training certificates that I can file electronically, which is great for keeping track of when an employee completes a course.”

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