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Health Plan

Employer Medicare Part D Notices Are Due Before October 15, 2021

Are you an employer that offers or provides group health…

  • Benefits

The Affordability Test for 2022 Health Plans

The Affordable Care Act’s employer shared responsibility provision — often…

  • Benefits
Mineral Platform

What You Can Accomplish with the Mineral Platform

Businesses face continuing challenges when it comes to managing their…

  • Mineral Products
Hard Work

When You Need to Hire Workers, But Nobody Likes the Work

Some jobs are just plain unpleasant. You know the type.…

  • Culture
  • Leadership

How to Stop Workplace Harassment

One of the trickiest parts of identifying, discussing, and preventing…

  • Discrimination and Harassment Protection
Protected classes

What are protected classes?

Protected classes — also sometimes called protected characteristics — come…

  • Definitions