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Hard Work

When You Need to Hire Workers, But Nobody Likes the Work

Some jobs are just plain unpleasant. You know the type.…

  • Culture
  • Leadership

How to Stop Workplace Harassment

One of the trickiest parts of identifying, discussing, and preventing…

  • Discrimination and Harassment Protection
Protected classes

What are protected classes?

Protected classes — also sometimes called protected characteristics — come…

  • Definitions
Mineral Intelligence Screen

Mineral Intelligence: Shifting HR and Compliance from Reactive to Proactive

As we announced earlier this month, we at Mineral are…

  • Mineral Products

Insurance Companies Think They’re Differentiating in 2022 ... But Are They? (VIDEO)

What’s Wrong  Every year insurance carriers tell clients how new and different their health plans are vs.…

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How Mineral Makes HR and Compliance Simple: Introduction

Last week we announced the launch of the Mineral Platform. It's powered by Mineral…

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