Better together: Health Insurers + Mineral

Boost your retention — and your bottom line.

The new value-add for health insurance plans: HR and compliance.

Modern health insurers are competing by offering value-added services that address broader business needs like HR and compliance. Here’s why. 

Small and medium-sized businesses: 

  • Have little time or budget for vendors, consultants and attorneys 
  • Struggle with complex, always-changing laws and best practices 
  • Are at risk due to a persistent HR and compliance gap 

When Mineral­™ is built into your employer-sponsored health plans, you can grow your membership, achieve client engagement, and increase retention. 

3 ways partnering with Mineral helps you stand out.

From expert guidance and resources to proactive alerts, Mineral is the key to HR and compliance success. Our comprehensive solution keeps employers on track and helps them move their businesses forward. 

We combine cutting-edge technology with certified experts to help businesses stay on top of HR challenges without sacrificing the human touch.

1. Strategically differentiate yourself

  • Disrupt the market with an innovative solution  
  • Enable access to essential employer resources 
  • Improve employee health and organizational health 

2. Attract broker attention and interest

  • Help brokers win more by providing tools to their clients to help solve their largest problems 
  • Create efficiency and reduce the HR compliance burden for brokers 

3. Create employer loyalty

  • Mineral gives small businesses peace of mind by proactively solving HR and compliance challenges with data, technology, and personalized advice 

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