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There’s something new happening in the health insurance market.

It’s a deliberate, strategic effort to connect employee health with organizational health.

Mineral helps health insurers solve challenges facing their small and midsize employer clients. When HR and compliance solutions are built into employer-sponsored health plans, payers can help their clients dramatically improve the efficiency of their business while insurers differentiate, grow their membership, boost client engagement, and increase retention.


The differentiator for health insurance plans: HR and compliance.

Go beyond traditional benefits. Be the solution for your employer clients’ most pressing needs.

Health insurers stand out and compete by offering value-added services that meet broader business needs, like HR and compliance. It works because small and medium-sized businesses:

  • Have little time or budget for vendors and consultants
  • Struggle with complex and changing laws and practices
  • Are at risk due to a persistent HR and compliance gap
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of employers report that maintaining compliance is a very time-consuming effort for their HR department

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of employers report that during the pandemic, there has been significantly more pressure on their HR department to maintain compliance

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of employers feel that compliance-related issues occupy too much of their time

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of employers report increased prioritization of compliance

Why health insurers partner with Mineral.

What kind of employer engagement do health insurers see with Mineral?

30% employer engagement in Mineral’s HR and compliance solutions.

Mineral 29% graph (source: TechValidate)

How much do clients estimate saving in labor and/or HR technology costs per year by using Mineral?

29% of surveyed organizations estimate annual savings of $10,000 or more.

Source: TechValidate

Attract and Grow Business

Save employers time, money, and energy on HR — factors that can positively impact growth and retention for health insurers.

Create Loyalty & Retain Business

Deliver peace of mind to SMBs by proactively solving HR and compliance challenges.

Create stronger client relationships by providing tools that deliver considerable cost savings.

Save Employers Money

Provide meaningful value directly to the employer and key decision-makers responsible for health plan selection.


Stand out by delivering solutions not traditionally offered in the marketplace.

Enable access to essential HR and compliance resources to improve employers’ organizational health.

Solutions that work as hard as you do.

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