Protect your most valuable asset─your people─with Workplace Safety. 

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Safety doesn’t happen by accident.

Sure, accidents happen—but with Workplace Safety training from Mineral®, they don’t have to. Our comprehensive courses help you reduce potential hazards on the job while creating a culture of safety among your employees. Beyond keeping your employees safe, safety training can help you protect your company from costly fines, injuries and lawsuits.

$171 Billion: Total cost of workplace injuries in 2019

$70 Million: Days lost to injuries in 2019

Source – National Safety Council 


Safety training is more than the right thing to do—it’s the law. 

OSHA regulations require that your employees be properly trained for they work they do. Our full catalog of courses will educate your people on the specific hazards they face and give them the skills they need to protect themselves against those hazards. Topics include everything from personal protective equipment and ladder safety to more detailed trainings on hazardous materials and transportation.  

We make it easy to make your workplace safer.  

Be compliant with Department of Labor and OSHA requirements

Customize courses for the unique needs of your business

Easily assign courses and track employee completion

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