Mineral CEO, Former OpenAI Executive to Deliver HR Tech Presentation on the Future of AI in Human Resources

Mineral’s presence at the premier event for HR professionals includes two presentations on generative AI

Portland, OR – Oct. 2, 2023Mineral, the HR and compliance leader for more than 1 million small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), is excited to lead two presentations at this year’s HR Technology Conference (Oct. 10-13 at the Mandalay Bay Las Vegas) focused on the future of artificial intelligence and human resources. Mineral CEO Nathan Christensen will take the stage with former OpenAI executive Zack Kass to discuss AI’s implications for the workforce and bold predictions for the future of HR in their presentation, “Disruptor Meets Disrupted: A Candid Conversation.” Chief Services Officer Susan Anderson will share what Mineral learned from a rigorous test to hack HR expertise with generative AI in her presentation, “HR Experts Go Head-to-Head with ChatGPT: Key Takeaways.” 

Disruptor Meets Disrupted: A Candid Conversation 

Out of more than 30 sessions on the HR Tech agenda about the explosive influence of generative AI, only one features a speaker who was in the room. Zack Kass is a former OpenAI executive who has personally orchestrated transformational AI strategies for over 1,000 companies and advised giants like Coca-Cola, Boeing, and The White House. His cousin, Mineral CEO Nathan Christensen, has been named a “Game Changer” in the HR field by Workforce Magazine and is a trusted thought leader on HR innovation. Together, Nathan and Zack meet at the family dinner table to discuss where AI is going, how the role of HR will change in an AI-driven workplace, and the strategies businesses can implement to prepare for success in an AI world.  

Date/Time: Thursday, Oct. 12; 1:30pm PT 

Location: Room Oceanside G 

HR Experts vs. ChatGPT: Key Takeaways   

If any company can stand to benefit from AI’s assistance with answering HR questions, it’s Mineral, whose nationwide team of experts resolves nearly 250,000 unique HR issues each year. What happened when Mineral conducted an experiment, asking ChatGPT a series of common HR questions, and pitting their answers against Mineral’s human experts, who boast an average of 18 years of experience? Chief Services Officer Susan Anderson, who leads Mineral’s team of experts, will share with her audience the most surprising takeaways from the experiment, including what it takes to transform employee perceptions of generative AI from a threat to an asset.  

Date/Time: Wednesday, Oct. 11; 12:45pm PT 

Location: Case Study Theater 

Media availability for each presenter will be available upon request. Please email [email protected] to inquire. 


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