Change Management for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses


Your business has experienced immense change over the last few years. Many companies have also faced economic and staffing challenges. Others have seen insane weather and disasters. And we’ve all faced a world-changing pandemic.

But change didn’t stop there. New systems have rolled out. Key employees have retired. Policies and laws have changed. How companies adapt to that change can spell the difference between sinking and swimming through a time of transition.

Join Susan Anderson, Chief Services Officer at Mineral, and Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer at Sapient Insights, to discuss what change management lessons small and medium-sized entrepreneurs can integrate into this business. We will go over:

  • What change management is, and how it’s helpful for companies of every size
  • The consequences of poor or no change management
  • Tools that can help small and medium-sized businesses integrate change management principles