How do we report non-binary employees on the EEO-1 form?

Kelley Valentine

Kelley Valentine

With the EEO-1 reporting deadline approaching, we’ve been hearing from employers asking how to report non-binary employees on the EEO-1 form. Here’s our answer:

The current EEO-1 form only provides a male or female option, but there is comment box you can use to report data for non-binary employees by job category and race/ethnicity. The comment box appears on the certification page in the EEO-1 Component 1 Online Filing System.

The EEOC asks that you preface this data with the phrase, “Additional Employee Data.” For example, to report a non-binary white administrative assistant, you would type, “Additional Employee Data: 1 non-binary gender employee in Job Category Administrative Support Workers; Race/Ethnicity: White (Not Hispanic or Latino).”

In the future, the EEOC may add an option for easily reporting non-binary employees. We hope that they do.

Author: Kelley Valentine
Kelley Valentine, PHR is an HR expert at Mineral.