Mineral announces partnership with Select Health

Vince Murdica

Vince Murdica

By Vince Murdica, Chief Revenue Officer, Mineral

HR and compliance is the new thing in employer-sponsored health plans. By combining Mineral’s HR and compliance expertise with health insurance, Select Health is improving the health of both its employer clients and their employees.

Health insurers are innovators by necessity. In an industry as complex as theirs, it’s practically a requirement. Mineral (now part of Mitratech) is happy to announce a new partnership with Select Health to embed HR and compliance solutions in their employer-sponsored health plans to differentiate their portfolio and provide more value to their clients.

A Healthy Business Starts with a Healthy Workplace

Select Health’s small business medical plans focus on businesses with 2-50 employees. The Select Health team knows the challenges these small businesses face, far beyond just employee benefits, taking away focus, energy and resources from the employer’s core business. Partnering with Mineral allows Select Health to have a solution for top business challenges their small groups face, a unique value that supports a healthy workplace.

For small and medium-sized companies, HR and compliance issues are critical but can seem overwhelming. These businesses often struggle with complex federal policies like ACA, COBRA, and FMLA. They also must contend with tangles of local and state laws, and even EPA, OSHA and EEOC regulations. Business owners and managers, like Select Health’s clients, are not experts in HR and compliance. This creates a gap between the knowledge and effort it takes to comply with regulations, and their ability to do so.

In Mineral, Select Health found a partner that keenly understands these exposures and can help mitigate them. They also found a partner that will help them differentiate themselves by solving for more business needs than previously. Their clients can also leverage Mineral to dramatically improve their compliance and efficiency. While Select Health’s health insurance plans protect the health of covered employees, Mineral helps protect the health of the organization and the employers themselves.

“It’s our goal to provide health plans, tools and resources that simplify the experience for small employers,” said Heidi Castaneda, AVP of Small Employer Products for Select Health. “Bringing industry leading HR and compliance resources into our plan helps our employers succeed in driving employee health, while tackling some of their greatest business challenges. We are thrilled to partner with Mineral to create more value for our clients’ businesses and their employees.”

Innovation by Differentiation

It makes sense for insurance brokers to provide HR and compliance assistance to their clients, but many simply do not yet appreciate how compelling this can be for their clients. This creates an opportunity for health insurers like Select Health to stand out from the market. By combining HR and compliance solutions with their employee benefits, they become a more vital partner. This helps them provide a solution that solves challenges beyond traditional benefits. With Mineral, Select Health can impact the health of their clients’ business in addition to the health of their employees.

We are excited to partner with Select Health to help solve the HR and compliance needs of their employer groups. Health plans with embedded HR and compliance solutions continue to spread into new states and new companies. It’s become increasingly clear that health insurance leaders see the value HR and compliance provides in growing their business and creating stronger, stickier relationships with their small and midsize business clients. I t’s further proof that embedding HR and compliance creates an innovative and differentiated solution that helps employers improve the success and health of their organization.

Author: Vince Murdica
Vince Murdica is the Chief Revenue Officer at Mineral.