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Nathan Christensen

Nathan Christensen

A company’s brand is more than its name and logo. A company’s brand is its story – a story about its mission, values, and customers. A story about the impact it’s looking to make in the world.

Today I’m proud to announce a new brand for our company. If you’re new to our story, we’re the HR and compliance leader for small and mid-size businesses in the United States. We’re also the combination of the two companies, ThinkHR and Mammoth HR, that pioneered the field of on-demand HR and compliance solutions for employers more than 15 years ago. In 2019, we brought ThinkHR and Mammoth together with an ambitious vision to accelerate our innovation, combine our strengths, and create the largest HR and compliance community in the country.

Over the last two years, our team has worked incredibly hard to integrate our two companies, bringing together different systems, processes, products, cultures, and customers. The work has been complex, made even more challenging against the backdrop of a pandemic. But throughout, our team and I have been driven by one thing: a shared vision for how as a combined company we will transform the HR and compliance experience for our partners and clients in ways neither company could have accomplished on its own. Now, we’re ready to tell that story.

As of today, our new name and brand is Mineral. A mineral is an essential building block for a healthy system. Our new name, Mineral, reflects our belief that HR and compliance – and the people at the center of them – are the essential building blocks for a healthy and successful organization.

As Mineral, we have an expansive and inclusive vision for our company, category, and customers. We’ll be reimagining our customer experience, applying data and technology to predictively solve our clients’ HR and compliance issues, expanding and enhancing our products, and leveraging the power of our network to deliver even better insight and outcomes to our partners and clients.

We’re proud of our history, and we look forward to building upon it as Mineral. To our partners and clients, we’re grateful for the role you’ve played in helping us get to this point, and for the trust you continue to put in us. We’re as committed as ever to your success.

And to those we don’t yet work with, I invite you to join us and our community of more than 2,800 partners and more than 500,000 small and mid-size business clients as we work together to make HR and compliance simple, so you can have peace of mind, elevate your team, and focus on what you love to do.

Today is just the beginning of our story. We look forward to sharing more exciting announcements soon as we put the promise of Mineral to work to further our partners’ and clients’ success.

Author: Nathan Christensen
Nathan is driving Mineral to transform the delivery of HR knowledge solutions and create unparalleled customer experiences for employers. He has been named a “Game Changer” in the HR field by Workforce magazine and was selected by the Portland Business Journal as a member of “Forty Under 40” class. Nathan’s articles on management, human resources strategy, and public policy have appeared in publications such as The Washington Post, Fast Company, and Workforce. He’s also been a featured speaker at numerous industry conferences and events. Nathan holds degrees from Stanford University and The University of Chicago Law School.