Small Businesses, Big Dreams: Celebrating HR and Compliance for 1 Million Small Business Clients

Nathan Christensen

Nathan Christensen

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and we at Mineral, alongside our more than 2,500 partners, are dedicated to their success by helping small and mid-sized employers meet HR and compliance challenges with confidence.

Today, on National Small Business Day in 2023, we have reached a major milestone – we now serve 1 million clients. Our clients are incredibly diverse, coming from all 50 states and representing nearly every industry and size. But they all share a common goal: to turn their dreams into a reality with a team working together to achieve them.

Eight years ago, I left my law practice to become Mineral’s CEO on a temporary basis. That changed after I began to hear the stories of business owners and leaders struggling to keep up with constantly changing rules and practices, and their relief in having a trusted source to turn to.

Giving our clients peace of mind gave me a new sense of purpose. Our success is a testament to the value that these businesses place on their people and the importance of having access to trusted tools and expertise.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve seen seismic shifts that have made HR and compliance even more complex, from economic booms to recessions, the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the #MeToo movement, the COVID pandemic, the proliferation of state laws, the movement for racial justice, the transition to remote work, the Great Resignation, and now the democratization of AI. We’ve worked alongside our clients through each of these changes, providing guidance and solutions to help them navigate unknown territory.

But through all of these changes, and throughout the journey from 100 to 1 million clients, one thing hasn’t changed: that the ultimate reward is the positive difference we’re able to make for our clients and their teams.

One of my favorite examples of this is the San Luis Obispo (SLO) Food Bank. They rely on Mineral to help them manage and cultivate a team that provides compassionate hunger relief care to 31,500 neighbors in need.


These are the experiences we wake up to deliver each day.

Mineral is on a path that will take us well beyond 1 million clients. But we believe that the foundation of business isn’t numbers; it’s relationships. That’s why we focus relentlessly on three things: innovation, customer experience, and trust. We’re using technology to deliver even greater value to our customers; creating an exceptional customer experience through all aspects of our services, content, product, and partnerships; and demonstrating expertise and integrity so our partners and customers trust us with their biggest problems and opportunities.

As we continue to grow, we’re committed to getting better, not just bigger. We’re building a thriving, innovative company culture that engages our team and delivers value to our customers. And we’re focused on elevating our business, our technology, and our category into an even more powerful catalyst for growth and positive impact for businesses nationwide.

Our clients are the reason why I chose to make my CEO role permanent. And now, eight years later, I’m incredibly proud that we’ve earned the trust of so many businesses nationwide.

Thank you to our 1 million clients for trusting us with your HR and compliance needs. We look forward to working each day to help you achieve your dreams.

As part of this milestone, we’re proud to announce our partnership with OpenSesame to help our clients and their employees build the skills they’ll need for future success. See more details in this blog about Learn. We’ve also collected some fun facts about Mineral in our new 1 million infographic.

Author: Nathan Christensen
Nathan is driving Mineral to transform the delivery of HR knowledge solutions and create unparalleled customer experiences for employers. He has been named a “Game Changer” in the HR field by Workforce magazine and was selected by the Portland Business Journal as a member of “Forty Under 40” class. Nathan’s articles on management, human resources strategy, and public policy have appeared in publications such as The Washington Post, Fast Company, and Workforce. He’s also been a featured speaker at numerous industry conferences and events. Nathan holds degrees from Stanford University and The University of Chicago Law School.