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Kyle Cupp

Kyle Cupp

With the increased eligibility and availability of the COVID-19 vaccine, employers are asking whether they can require or incentivize their employees to get it. Kara Govro, our Senior Legal Analyst, answers these and other questions over at Forbes. Click the links to see her answers:

Can Employers Legally Mandate The COVID Vaccine To Return To Work?
How Safe Is It To Return To Work When You’ve Been Vaccinated?
How Safe Is it to Return to Work Once You Are Vaccinated?
Can Businesses Legally Incentivize Their Employees to Get Vaccinated?

In other news, we at ThinkHR recently conducted a nationwide survey on the state of HR. Read HR Dive’s coverage of the survey here.

Author: Kyle Cupp
Kyle Cupp, PHR is an author and editor at Mineral. His writing has appeared in USA Today, The Daily Beast, TLNT, and elsewhere.