2023 State of HR

See what 700+ SMB leaders across nine industries say about their current and future business plans for HR and compliance.

Small employers offer insight into future business goals and plans.

For the Mineral 2023 State of HR Report, we surveyed HR and executive decision-makers from a diverse cross-section of US small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with one to 3,000 employees.


Overall, the 2023 data reveals cautious optimism among SMBs nationwide.



are very optimistic about their business outlook for the next year.



are somewhat optimistic about their business outlook.



say it's somewhat likely they'll meet hiring goals.

Mineral SOHR statistic: 48% of SMBs say it’s somewhat likely they’ll meet hiring goals in 2023.


are concerned about rising inflation.

Mineral SOHR statistic: 69% of SMBs are concerned about rising inflation in 2023.


worry about talent shortages.

Mineral SOHR statistic: 68% of SMBs worry about talent shortages.


are anxious about a possible economic recession.

Mineral SOHR statistic: 59% of SMBs are anxious about a possible economic recession.
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While optimistic, SMB leaders also reveal their HR and compliance challenges.

Mineral State of HR 2023 Statistic: 55% struggle to keep their employee handbooks up to date.
Mineral State of HR 2023 Statistic: 29% grapple with fulfilling benefits and payroll mandates.
Mineral State of HR 2023 Statistic: 28% report struggling to comply with workplace safety laws
Mineral State of HR Statistic: 6% are very prepared for success with HR and compliance initiatives

For many SMBs, investing in HR and compliance technology could help address those challenges.

73% use spreadsheets and email to manage HR initiatives. 

49% don’t use or don’t know about automation and technology tools, including AI.

32% currently use HR compliance software.

55% have no formal employee training programs.

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