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Employee health and safety go hand in hand with organizational health.

Protect your business and your employees.

Preventing workplace incidents and staying compliant with safety regulations requires an intentional and ongoing effort. You need to create and build awareness of safety procedures and protocols so you can reduce your risk of accidents and injuries.  

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Total cost of workplace injuries in 2019

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Days lost to injuries in 2019

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Average cost per medically consulted injury in 2019


Average cost per worker fatality in 2019

Source: National Safety Council

Create a safe workplace with Employee Health & Safety.

You can provide a safe workplace and comply with safety regulations, while increasing your overall organizational health. Employee Health & Safety integrates safety tools and resources with the Mineral HR compliance platform and personalized guidance from our experts.  

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Create a safer workplace today.

  • Get personalized guidance from certified Safety Experts  
  • Educate your employees with safety training, toolbox talks and more  
  • Easily create safety policies and manuals 

A safe workplace means a healthy organization.

Get personalized guidance from our Safety Experts

Engage your employees with safety training created by experts

Inspire your team on a wide variety of safety topics for your daily safety huddles

Have all your safety manual, checklists, and other content in one central location

Easily create safety policies and share them with your team 

Create a safer workplace today.

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