How ProSciento Builds Confidence in Employee Training and Compliance with Mineral





  • Meeting California compliance training requirements
  • Obtaining the necessary resources for employee training and recordkeeping
  • Providing professional development opportunities to keep employees engaged

Key solutions

  • Delivered effective employee training on compliance essentials and professional development through Learn


  • Maintaining compliance confidently
  • Saving time and money on training
  • Driving employee engagement through professional development

Based in California, ProSciento Inc. is a leading specialty clinical research organization dedicated to finding better treatments for metabolic diseases. For over 17 years, ProSciento has provided clinical research services to support research programs and trials, all while keeping pace with the rapidly changing landscape of metabolic drug and device development.

Quality employee training without the cost

Navigating and complying with complex state training and harassment prevention laws is no small matter for ProSciento. Because they are headquartered in California, the organization needs to meet the demands of laws that cover a wide range of workplace requirements, including wage and hour, safe working environments, anti-discrimination, and more.

For Shannon Kirkman, Director of Human Resources at ProSciento, it was critical that her organization proactively complied with training requirements – minimizing the danger of non-compliance. However, creating training courses, distributing content, and tracking completion for over 200 employees require significant effort. Shannon needed quality employee training courses but didn’t have time dedicated to creating content on her own.

“We’re based in California, and the state requires businesses to stay on top of employee regulations and laws. Because of the level of effort that it takes to navigate HR compliance, access to quality HR solutions that is regularly updated with regulations and changes is vital to the health of our organization.”

— Shannon Kirkman

Director of Human Resources, ProSciento

Comprehensive training through Learn

Through their insurance broker, ProSciento has access to Learn, an extensive library of training courses and content, used to keep their organization compliant. With Learn, Shannon can train their workforce on the most up-to-date state-specific training requirements.

In addition to compliance training, ProSciento also provides valuable professional development opportunities for employees using Learn. With Learn, Shannon and her team has minimized the learning curve for new managers and supervisors with engaging content that’s easy to access, resulting in increased engagement and enhanced productivity.

“Because we place a strong emphasis on promoting from within, we often have new supervisors that may not have previously engaged with leadership training,” explains Shannon. “With Learn, we’ve been able to stay in compliance, and offer additional learning opportunities for employees. Having professional development content that is readily available has been essential for us.”

Employee viewing the Mineral Platform on mobile device

“Whenever there’s a requirement update in CA, the Workplace Harassment Prevention courses are ready to address the updates, even before I’m aware there’s a change to regulations. I don’t have to stay on top of every single change because I’m already getting notifications from Mineral.”

— Shannon Kirkman

Director of Human Resources, ProSciento

Addressing workplace harassment risks

Because California requires detailed harassment and discrimination prevention training, Shannon also needs to ensure that each employee is trained on anti-harassment measures and how to report any improper conduct. ProSciento uses Workplace Harassment Prevention training courses from Mineral to provide updated and regular training to their employees since changes occur frequently.

“The workplace harassment training modules through Mineral have been a critical way for our organization to minimize the risks of non-compliance,” recalled Shannon. “We’re able to quickly and comprehensively train not only our supervisors and managers, but employees at the staff level as well.”

After implementing the training available from Mineral, Shannon and her team are rapidly able to put processes in place that ensure that all employees, new and current, are trained to meet California’s mandated training requirements. In addition, Shannon can trust that Mineral’s training courses will be updated for any upcoming regulatory changes.

“Knowing that Mineral is on top of every update and change gives me confidence that we made the right decision. I don’t have to wonder if the information is current – I know it is.”

— Shannon Kirkman

Director of Human Resources, ProSciento

Moving ahead with confidence

Since adopting Mineral, Shannon and her team have removed the guesswork of navigating changes to state laws. This helps ensure that the organization is protected against the risks of non-compliance, such as fines, lawsuits, and more.

In addition, Shannon has saved significant time and effort by leveraging content from Mineral, which is ready to be implemented immediately. “Mineral saves me countless hours on creating and delivering training content to our employees,” Shannon says. “Without the extensive library of training courses and templates, I’d have to develop the content myself, which would strain my bandwidth.”

More importantly, Mineral has empowered Shannon and her team to confidently train their entire workforce, knowing that the information they rely on is accurate, timely, and trustworthy.

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