Holistic Health: Why Mineral and Health Insurers Go Together Like Chicken and Waffles



Editor’s note: This blog post is the first in a three-part series detailing the efficiency, effectiveness, and business results that can be achieved when partnering Mineral’s HR and compliance solutions with a health insurance provider. And in the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, we’re thankful to our health insurance partners—and Mineral’s more than 2,500 partners nationwide—for their continued trust and support as we together to serve more than 1 million US small and midsized businesses.

Ricky and Lucy. Fried chicken and waffles. Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg. Cranberries and brie. Ted Lasso and Roy Kent. All iconic duos, for sure. These pairings—while far from obvious at first glance—work well together because their combinations complement one another rather than clash and, as a result, amplify the strengths in both.

And when it comes to once unlikely but now obvious partnerships, HR and health insurance is no different.

But unlike chicken and waffles, this pairing is more obvious than it might look on the surface. Health insurers and HR service providers both deliver critical services in a highly regulated, competitive environment. Both reduce risk for businesses; both drive efficiency and innovation via technology; and both are critical to business success.

Also critical to both are compliance best practices—which persistently challenge HR and insurance professionals to keep pace with shifting regulations that govern them, including ACA, COBRA, and FMLA, not to mention state and local laws.

As the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated, organizational health and employee health are inextricably linked; businesses need healthy employees to function, and employees need a healthy organization with modern and compliant HR operations to be successful.

Businesses need a holistic solution for maintaining HR and compliance, while keeping employees safe and healthy. Which is why a partnership between HR and health insurance, while unlikely, makes perfect sense.

And why Mineral and health insurers go together like Martha and Snoop.

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