Recap of 2022 HR Tech



Last month, a group of Mineralists attended the HR Technology Conference and Exposition. Also known as HR Tech, the conference focuses on driving HR success through technology. HR Tech is a great place to see the latest technologies and trends. Many of the industry’s top vendors attend.

This was the first year HR Tech was back in person. It was great to see things back in full swing. You might not have been able to attend, so we thought we’d share our key takeaways from the event.

Takeaway: “HR Tech” is “Work Tech”

As with any technology, the purpose of HR technologies are to make an employer’s job more efficient. This is the biggest benefit for HR pros. Technology has made onboarding, payroll, recruiting, and even compliance tasks much easier. This time, however, the industry seems to be focusing more on the employee experience. There are new technologies around employee engagement and improving employee experience.

Takeaway: Talent Intelligence and Talent Marketplace

Data is the core of business. The conference featured a lot of vendors whose work focuses on data in the HR realm. That means helping employers leverage the data they already have in new and interesting ways. For example, employers can use that data to identify where best to recruit. They could also use the data to determine when an employee might start job searching and want to leave. This discipline started as “people analytics” but is now appearing in intelligence platforms.

Takeaway: More Strategic Partnerships

We had a chance to visit with a lot of our partner companies at the conference. If we heard one thing from them loud and clear it was that everyone wants a more strategic relationship with Mineral. Many companies partner with Mineral to round out their product portfolio. But that partnership is evolving into one where we work together on more integrated business strategies.

Wrapping Up

The atmosphere at this year’s HR Tech was electric. We were thrilled with the amazing chance we had to connect with partners as we help you and your clients. The optimism at HR Tech resonated with our team and are thrilled to take it with us into 2023.

Even if you weren’t at HR Tech, we’d love to meet with you to discuss how we can partner together. Let us get together and discuss 2023 strategies and beyond. 

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