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Employees Want More

Employees Want More – Can You Offer It?

It’s still too early to tell how great the “Great Resignation” will…

  • Culture
  • Hiring and Retention
enrolling in medicare

Does enrolling in Medicare trigger an offer of COBRA?

Enrolling in Medicare does not cause COBRA to start. Under…

  • Benefits
HR and Compliance

Today HR and Compliance Finally Meet the 21st Century

Earlier this summer we were excited to unveil our new…

  • Company Updates
Prohibiting Personal Phone Use

Prohibiting Personal Phone Use During Work Hours – Is This Okay?

Yes, you can limit or prohibit use of personal devices…

  • Managing Employees
leaving their current job

Can we ask an applicant why they are leaving their current job?

Yes, you can ask applicants why they are leaving their…

  • Hiring and Retention
Address Performance Issues

Address Performance Issues as Soon as Possible

How quickly should you write up an employee for a…

  • Managing Employees
Requiring Childcare

Can we require remote employees to have childcare?

We do not recommend having a policy that stipulates childcare…

  • Managing Employees
Natural hairstyle discrimination

What is natural hairstyle discrimination?

Natural hairstyle discrimination occurs when natural or protective hairstyles (most…

  • Discrimination and Harassment Protection
HR Compliance

HR Compliance: What It Is and Why It's So Complicated

Running a business comes with no shortage of perks. You…

  • Definitions
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