Holistic Health: Improving Employee and Organizational Health, One Partnership at a Time



Editor’s note: This blog post is the last in a three-part series detailing the efficiency, effectiveness, and business results that can be achieved when partnering Mineral’s HR and compliance solution with a health insurance provider. (Read part one; read part two.) And in the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, we’re thankful to our health insurance partners—and Mineral’s more than 2,500 partners nationwide—for their continued trust and support as we work together to serve more than 1 million US small and midsized businesses.

So, how does Mineral and health insurers rank among other strange but successful pairings? Do they work as well together as Ted Lasso and Roy Kent? According to Mineral’s insurer partners and their employer clients, the outcomes are even better.

“I really love the utilization reports [that Mineral generates monthly for employer clients]—one, because I love reports; and two, anything that’s objective is great,” says a VP for a Mineral insurance partner. “We can tell specifically which services [clients are] using, and then quantify the value of those services.”

Mineral is already partnering with the nation’s largest health insurers to enable businesses to reduce healthcare costs while managing HR. Its products and services are currently embedded in level-funded and fully insured employer-sponsored health plans for both small and midsized employers up to 1000 employees in a rapidly growing list of states across the country.

By embedding Mineral inside employer-sponsored health plans, employers receive a holistic solution that combines employee health insurance with the HR and compliance tools they need to protect their most important asset: their people. The health insurance companies driving this innovation are raising the bar for others in the market and pioneering a new way to think about employee and organizational health.

Discover more from Mineral: Our ebook, “Holistic Health: How to partner with Mineral to achieve healthier people, processes, and profits,” is available now for download at trustmineral.com.

Author: Mineral
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