Mineral Wrapped: 3 Ways Our Clients ‘Sleighed’ 2023 in HR and Compliance



Welcome to the first-ever Mineral Wrapped, where spreadsheet metrics combine with Spotify marketing to help us celebrate this year’s highlights from across the Mineral Platform.  

Up first, we’re shining the end-of-year spotlight on Mineral’s more than 1 million small business clients. After all, there would be no gems to mine without them. During this season of joy and giving, we recognize the greatest gift is their trust to help them make HR and compliance simple. Here’s to our clients, and the three huge ways they “sleighed” 2023. 

Training hits hyperspeed levels with 1.2M courses 

If employee training were an actual train, 2023 for Mineral would look like a Shinkansen! Learn, Mineral’s employee training and development solution, took off at high speed this year, with clients launching 1.2 million courses across topics from workplace safety to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

500 training modules give new meaning to ‘business intelligence’ 

Following our latest course expansion, 2023 marked 500 courses and counting for Learn and its millions of Mineral users ready for workplace e-learning and exploration–whether it’s for improving employee onboarding, training compliance professionals, or addressing workplace challenges.   

120 handbooks a day keep compliance violations away 

It can take a while to create and maintain an employee handbook because there are so many topics to cover. To ensure clarity and compliance, business leaders must consider various employment policies, procedures, and legal obligations when creating an employee handbook.  

We’ve always known that Mineral clients take that consideration seriously, but their handbooks reached new heights in 2023: Our clients created 47,019 employee handbooks this year (or 120 per day!) by using our tools to fill out a short questionnaire that generates a federal and multi-state compliant handbook that’s available right away. When laws or regulations change, we notify them and update their handbooks automatically via the Mineral Platform.  

Cheers to our savvy clients for sleighing self-service with Mineral in 2023! We’re looking forward to achieving even bigger and better successes together in 2024 as we continue to make HR and compliance simple.  

Author: Mineral
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